Online preparation for international volunteering

iPrepare introduction

4. iPrepare is supplementary to off-line preparation


We encourage you to discuss what you are doing online with your supporting organisation. The iPrepare tool supplements, but doesn’t replace individual preparation activities offered by your supporting organisation!

Why is the contribution of your supporting organisation necessary?

Read about it

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iPrepare is designed as a supplementary tool. Although we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible as to the issues and information a future volunteer may need, there are some things that cannot be provided by a general online tool, such as: trust building, emotional support, discussing project specific details, preparation for your exact tasks, etc.

Your supporting organisation can also be helpful in planning and discussing your online learning and in clarifying any doubts resulting from your online activities.


Preparation with iPrepare is supposed to be blended learning, a combination of online and offline activities. To understand the concept of e-learning and blended learning, watch this video.

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