Online preparation for international volunteering

iPrepare introduction

3. How to use the iPrepare tool?

The use of the iPrepare tool is free for anyone.
However, registration is needed.

Why is registration needed?

  • a Because we want to sell your data to third parties.
  • b Because we want to know who uses the tool.
  • c Because we want to send you e-mails with offers that may interest you.
  • d So that sending and host organisations can check if you have used the tool or not.
  • e Just for technical reasons so that you can track your own development.
Hmm, try again

You are right

Registration is only needed to make it technically possible for you to save the results of your activities and track your development. We will not use your data for any other purposes and we will store them in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Good to know...

Your online activities are not assessed, and nobody else (including your supporting organisation, host organisation, National Agency, etc.) will be able to see what you are doing here, apart from you!


The iPrepare tool is organised in thematic modules.


How many modules are there?

There are 9 thematic modules.

In which order should I do the modules?

You can do the modules in any order. However, if you are not familiar yet with the ESC programme, we suggest you to start with Module 1 "What is the framework?".

Can I skip a module?

You can skip any modules or parts of modules (they do not need to be completed for you to go ahead).

What happens if I want to interrupt working on a module and continue later on?

You can stop working on a module at any point, save the data and finish later on.

Learn about the contents of each module

>> HERE >>

Try to match the contents of the Modules to their titles!

Content themes

  • the service aspect of my project, the concept of volunteering, connection to the local community
  • a lot of questions to discover my hosting place and to elaborate project specific info
  • the framework and context of my volunteering project, info on the ESC programme
  • practical advice from ex-volunteers
  • reflecting on meeting a new culture, intercultural learning, identity, stereotypes, culture shock and adaptation
  • the role of the organisations, coordinator, mentor, supervisor and tips for my personal well-being
  • experimenting with conflicts and tips about how to handle them
  • motivations, expectations, emotions about going abroad for the project
  • possible learnings at each phase of my project, the Hero's journey, non-formal learning, Youthpass

What is the framework?

What is my motivation?

How to be useful?

What can I learn?

Who can support me?

How to deal with conflicts?

Where will I go?

What is normal?

Tips and hints

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